All about Leather Trousers

Things you knew and you didn’t about the leather pants, explained The key elements of the leather trousers to consider, are: the texture – complexity, sheen and colour the design – amount of seams, details and the cut the longevity – when faux leathers often seem a more ethical choice, they are not as long lasting as real leather piece…


White skirt outfits

Is the item I recently discovered in my wardrobe, I had it for some time, but to be honest couldn’t figure out how to wear and style it until recently. It is a nice summery item that can be dressed up or down. The one I have is 100% linen and it is lined. Here I am wearing it with…


Gucci Marmont Size Comparison

Last month I have reviewed the major sizes of the Gucci Marmont bag and posted a video on youtube Regular small size is called Gucci Mini Marmont, it is 8.5in or 21cm long and has   one compartment the next size up is a Small Marmont bag, 10in or 26 cm long I find that both of these bags are designed very…


sneakers for a fashionista in 2019

Most requested and sold out sneaker – The D Connect by Dior Best minimalist design old luxury sneaker Loro Piana Best minimalist design new luxury sneaker (bestseller in 2017) COMMON PROJECTS Best vegan leather trending sneaker VEJA designer platform sneakers McQueen and Acne distressed effect Golden Goose canvas – classic Converse luxury converse – Chanel or Dior alternatives for those…


New York. By Stylist.

Always fascinates me with an abundance of consumer choices, a true shopping Mecca for seasoned fashionista (although the prices could be way higher than in european capitals). FIFTH. What always impresses me is a choices of buyers at the luxury department stores, the shoe department in BG, as heavens both for watching shoes and humans. Truly for the ones who…


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