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Many of you already know how I love wearing a good leather trouser, even though I live in a hot climate, during long summer I always can’t wait to take them out again. In Abu Dhabi I can usually wear them from November to February, with exceptions when I am really in the mood for it. Or definitely when I travel, that’s the first item I pack.

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Right now my pair of choice is this &Other stories real leather trouser, it might seem pricey but trust me it is worth it in a long term. On another hand it is really comparable to a premium designer options that could cost up to £1000 per pair, when I travelled to New York back in 2018 I tried all the expensive ones at Barneys (when it was still there, it didn’t survive through Covid). And I have to say, for the price tag, they are as good as it can get.

My favourite laid-back combinations:

An OVERSIZED JUMPER in quality cashmere or with a great texture. If you opt for a black one – better go for one with a rib knit texture. If you go for a smooth texture, use subtle contrast – beige, porridge or shades of green. I love an olive green – it is more practical a than black too.

A COTTON SWEATSHIRT or a LOOSE LONG SLEEVE tee – for when you want the look of the warm jumper but you can’t wear it. I love using the black long sleeve from H&M

LAYERING options – a black tank top with an easy throw – on jumper or cardigan

A contrasting layer on the bottom with a black jumper or cardigan on top – gives you a very elevated combo

Simple button up shirts – a black silk or polyester shirt ( I love poly as it doesn’t fade in a machine wash) a washed black silk tends to lose luster too quick to my taste. Another great one is a safari style shirt, in a khaki or beige, for a medium – soft contrast.

If you look for a more dressed up combination, go for a white shirt or a statement top = check out my holiday capsule video where I styled these same leather pants in 3 holiday proof outfits


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