New York. By Stylist.

Always fascinates me with an abundance of consumer choices, a true shopping Mecca for seasoned fashionista (although the prices could be way higher than in european capitals).

FIFTH. What always impresses me is a choices of buyers at the luxury department stores, the shoe department in BG, as heavens both for watching shoes and humans.

Truly for the ones who are royal or almost there, there is an abundance of evening gowns and accessories fit for a Queen. Browse through the selections of ready garments to the personal shoppers suites. Dine in the restaurants upstairs.

Mink or other exotic leathers and furs can be spotted on customers throughout.

SOHO. Must location to be present in for any brand, for laid back style items that just dont go out of fashion go for french staples as IRO, curated shops at the Line (recently shut) and most other sustainable clothes makers like Everlane. 

Avoid – anything above 30th street and the Times Square. 

Eat – fast but healthy options that can be preordered through apps like Sweetgreen, Chopped and who would resist a good Chipotle (get a kids portion if regular is too big for you).

For a full list of my fashion shopping list recommendations, sign up here.

P.S. Both times I travelled to NY solo (no bebe) and wouldn’t take my kids there while young. Both of my kids travelled to NY in my tummy in the early weeks. At return, my jet lag always slashes into morning sickness.


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