The Row Nude essential shoe

After heart breaking Celine sandal, that was impossible to get hold of, the next big trend of this summer is The Row Nudist. Few of my most fashionable clients got them in the whole colour range. It is so perfect, it is acceptable to any event without being over the top, it is very comfortable, and the colour palette is…


Teddy Bear Love

Last year I didn’t even get to see the famous coat for real, it was finished before it went to the shop floor. And this was my first time with the Teddy. This Is L-O-V-E We do get many questions on this one. What is the material? is it Fur? Material of the coat is camel hair, it is sustainable, luxurious and extra…


Where to Shop in St Tropez

Сегодня мы расскажем Вам про неплохие concept stores на Лазурном берегу, а именно речь пойдёт о Сен-Тропе. Конечно же, про красоту бутиков Шанель и Диор нельзя не упомянуть, но речь будет не об этом 🙂 но они must visit! Сразу нужно отметить, что цены в большинстве сборниках очень завышены, а некоторые даже пытаются продать прошлогодние коллекции и вещи, которые сейчас…


Dior Saddle Bag Size Comparison

There is a Saddle bag (standard size) and there is a mini size. Both require a strap that is sold separately, otherwise you have to keep one in hand or have it stuck under your shoulder. Mini size is really cute, but I don’t see how it can be practical for every day use. It will fit a phone and…


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