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Gucci Marmont Size Comparison

Last month I have reviewed the major sizes of the Gucci Marmont bag and posted a video on youtube

Regular small size is called Gucci Mini Marmont, it is 8.5in or 21cm long and has   one compartment

the next size up is a Small Marmont bag, 10in or 26 cm long

I find that both of these bags are designed very well and priced well, they do look similar and they have one compartment, but there is clear difference in the size of the logo and number of chevron panels

Mini Marmont currently retails at 1980$ and a Small sells at 2100$ +tax

The next style I am showing here is the smallest Marmont bag, and this size is called “Super Mini”

It is just 6.5in  or 16 cm wide and it fits a phone, a thin card holder and a lipstick

Super Mini Gucci Marmont is a smaller version and it comes with much thinner long chain that can be worn on one shoulder or cross body

Currently retails at $890

here is a comparison of all 3

I often get asked about my height, this might be helpful for you to understand the proportions 

I am 5. 7 or 168 cm tall and I am size XS

out of these 3 my pick would be a super mini

all 3 bags have a cute heart shape stitching on the back side

the super mini bag has an attached key ring inside

The biggest size currently available in the boutiques is a Gucci Marmont Medium Bag.

I am showing you here is a Marmont Medium bag, it is 30 cm or 12 in long and

currently retails at 2650$.

I have did a small research and found that some time ago even larger size, a Large Marmont was available at some online retailers, it does look a bit bulky, and at the moment I haven’t seen them in stores.


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