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Teddy Bear Love

Last year I didn’t even get to see the famous coat for real, it was finished before it went to the shop floor. And this was my first time with the Teddy. This Is L-O-V-E

We do get many questions on this one.

What is the material? is it Fur?

Material of the coat is camel hair, it is sustainable, luxurious and extra warm.

I didn’t buy last year, Should I buy it this year?

Yes. If you can afford it.  And if your winter is long enough. It is basically a wearable blanket in a cute and chic shape and Max Mara quality. How can it get any better?

Is it a must have?

In a fashion language, yes. But if you are too classy, it is ok to stick with your favourite classy Max Mara coat (like this one). They are all fabulous in cut and unrivalled in quality.

What colours are available this year?

In addition to last years Brown Camel and Red, this year we can get it in Pink, Cream, and Greyish Oatmeal.

What is the price?

UAE price is 10470, UK price £1780, USA price is $3590+tax

PSL can pick one up for you and ship to any destination abroad or deliver locally, just Send them a direct message or email me at anastasia@psl-shop.com







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