New Miu Miu icon bag – Arcadie

I’m coming back with handbag reviews for you this season, and this baby is on my top five list of 2023. I’ll show a comparison between the leather and matelassé ones, as well as the size comparison between medium and small. Additionally, I’ll provide a side-by-side comparison of Arcadi with last year’s version. The hallmark of this design is its iconic shape and unique proportions, meant to withstand the ever-changing fashion scene. In the video you can see me comparing the small and medium sizes.

The medium size is 27 cm and is currently priced at $3300. It’s probably the best choice for an everyday size, but it’s a bit small for evening use. It also features a small mirror case. The small size measures 22 cm and is sold for $2800. The new addition to this bag is the fourth feature: a tiny leather strap that keeps everything in place. Inside the bag, you’ll find a lining made of cotton satin fabric and a small zipper pocket. One compartment.

The smaller matelassé is going at $2800, it is 22cm long. Adjustable length shoulder strap is included.

Here you can see the 2 different colors , black and tan. The shade of gold hardware used is similar to other top luxury brands, a warmer tone of gold , medium gloss. I love the black too.

The leather used is very soft and tender and I am glad they added elegant purse feet.

Here is a comparison of new and older version of Arcadie. The SA called it a Bauletto (possibly an insider nickname). The newer shape is thinner, therefore more distinctive. The caramel tone is gorgeous, not all brands do it right. The leather Arcadie bag in smooth finish, in marina blue matches my outfit really nicely. The jumper is Zara. The leather version also comes in small and medium, small is priced $2650.


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