about me in 60 seconds

I live in Abu Dhabi, UAE

I am owner of a fashion sourcing company, which I set up in 2013.

I didn’t shop for a year in 2019

am a recovering shopoholic and a certified stylist.

I love fine things but keep my wardrobe at minimum

My current interests are innovations in tech, farming, finance and fashion (all things that will be useful in the future).

With my family we love living an active and fulfilling life with less items and more love.

Join me in my journey.

Timeline bio:

1989 – born in Dnipro, Ukraine

2006 – Studied in Kiev, Ukraine and later in Newcastle, UK (2009)

2010 – My first job was at a diamond online retailer company in London. Then I worked a few years at fashion retail and got hooked up into all things-materialist.

2012 – Met Mr C

2013 – biggest year of my life – I started up my own company, sourcing luxury fashions to shopaholics, in London. Then Mr C and I married and we moved to Qatar where we had amazing time, and spent a few years travelling and working and having fun before we had kids.

2016 – we moved to Abu Dhabi, and our first son Artur was born

2017 – I decided to learn personal styling, and took a course in London School of Fashion

2019 – our second son George is born

2022 – full scale war started in Ukraine, which affected everything, my family, my life and work but we do not give up and continue to support Ukraine until we have the victory

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